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Suicide Squad Cosplay: Replicate the Look of Your Favorite Suicide Squad Member

Suicide Squad Cosplay: Replicate the Look of Your Favorite Suicide Squad Member

If you loved the movie or just the characters, why don’t you try dressing like them? Suicide Squad cosplay is fun and you can always find a costume that is perfect for you!

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinnis perhaps the most popular character among the Suicide Squad members. She’s a sassy vixen who first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series. Harley Quinn’s pink and blue hair and tap shorts are something you’d surely want to try. Doing a Harley Quinn cosplay has become very simple.  If you want to wear the perfect Harley Quinn costume, you should start with her red and blue jacket. Don’t forget her Daddy’s Lil Monster t-shirt, leather cuffs, gun sling, high-fashion shoes and baseball bat.


Want to do a Joker cosplay?To complete your Joker costume, wear a purple crocodile coatandpurple sweatpants.You can wear a wig or dye your hair green to complete your look. Don’t forget the walking stick and paint your lips red.


Another Suicide Squad costume you may want to wear is that of Deadshot, a diabolical assassin who uses an amazing arsenal with lethal precision. Mash up tactical paintball accessories with all-weather gear to replicate Deadshot’s look in the film. Don’t forget the mask, red and black jacket, pistol belt, protective gear, BDU pants, leg gun holster, BT-M82 electric rifle and leather combat boots.

Captain Boomerang

Don’t be deceived by his heroic sounding name. Captain Boomerang is very good with boomerangs. His antagonistic relationship with Deadshot provides some interesting moments in the group’s interactions. If you want to cosplay Captain Boomerang, make sure to get a long black leather trench coat, Captain Boomerang bomber jacket, tactical pants and hiking boots.

Killer Croc

Cosplaying Killer Croc means you need to do customized prosthetics and highly detailed makeup. Adele Akinnuoye-Agbaje becomes the lethal reptile Killer Croc through refined makeup artistry, so you may want to focus on just the attire.Get a pullover hood, Killer Croc jacket, military cargo pants and boots.


From a freelancer, Enchantress became a sorcerer with a swamp witch look. If you are fine with wearing revealing creations, you will love cosplaying Enchantress. To replicate her look, make sure to wear a black bikini with customized chain mail accessories and a hat. Finish your look with some inky makeup.


Katana first appeared as a superhero in The Brave and the Bold as a member of the Outsiders. She was once a normal Japanese woman who entered into rough ninja training upon the death of her husband. The Suicide Squad film traded out latex for spandex, bomber jackets and leather. Don’t forget her leather mask. The ensemble should include a crop tank top, Katana jacket, karate belt, fingerless gloves and leather five-pocket jeans. Complete with your look with a ninja sword with sheath, knee pads, combat boots and tactical arm.

These are only some of the interesting characters from the Suicide Squad film that you can cosplay. Choose the character you like best!

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